Nomnio Platform

A complete end-to end solution for connecting products and enabling new possibilities.

Communication module

Ready-to-use hardware module that allows you to connect your products to the Internet.

Communication module is responsible for enabling two-way communication between the connected product and the Nomnio Platform in real time. It uses secure and robust communication protocols to ensure reliable operation.

Nomnio communication module is Wi-Fi enabled and can be integrated into your products or you can opt for the existing standalone casing. A new Sub 1-GHz wireless module with 6LoWPAN connectivity for peripheral devices will also be availible soon.

Nomnio Platform

Secure, robust and globally accessible cloud communication infrastructure service.

Nomnio Platform enables real-time exchange of messages between connected products and client applications. In addition, it provides historical data, access logs, users management, over-the-air upgrade, user account and application management, device reporting and big data analytics.

Solution uses industry-standard encryption mechanisms for communication and data storage. A range of application interfaces ( RESTful API) enables custom application development.

Web and mobile applications

Beautiful applications that emphasise usability and efficiency.

We are more than skilled in sketching, designing, and developing web and mobile applications. Our leitmotiv is user experience and we aim to achieve it by listening to our clients, using the latest technologies and following latest design principles.

Though Nomnio Platform offers an open API and you are wellcome to build the applications yourself, we are more than pleased to offer a hand.