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We are an ambitious team of experts that face diverse technological and domain challenges on the daily basis.
We are constantly looking for fresh inspiration and we are looking forward to work with you.

Project Manager
As a project manager, you will help our team stay organized, resourceful, and efficient, supporting the best possible customer experience (CX). You will be responsible for planning, setting goals, time management, budget, resources allocating, cost estimations, successfully executing, and reporting...
UX Developer
As a UX designer in our team in you will support Nomnio’s existing product portfolio as well as engaging in new market initiatives. You will combine interfaces and workflows to enhance user experiences. This position collaborates closely with other team members and stakeholders on the development and implementation for product visions. You should be an analytical and creative thinker who is able to grasp user needs and solve challenging UX situations. A strong portfolio showcasing successful UX design projects is essential.
Embedded IoT Developer
As Embedded IoT Developer you are responsible for the implementation of new features and maintenance of our embedded software running on physical things – from smart homes, wearables, medical devices, automobile, industrial automation and more.
.NET Backend Developer
As Backend .NET Developer you are responsible for the implementation of new features and maintenance of our core libraries that we are using in applications build in close collaboration with our business stakeholders and technical architects. Core libraries enable us applications development with Actor Model concurrent computing paradigm and Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS).
Angular and Ionic Frontend Developer
As a Frontend Developer you are responsible for designing and coding useful, beautiful and optimised web and mobile applications. Currenty, we are using modern JavaScript frameworks, such as Angular and Ionic, and we are always open to new suggestions and ideas.
Got other ideas?
If you don't fit into any of the profiles above, you are wellcome to write us at and we will gladly discuss how you think you fit into our story.