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Nature of water is unique but at Nomnio we have found a clever way to manage it. Remotely even.

At Nomnio we are connecting physical and digital worlds with an expert usage of IoT (Industrial Internet of Things) with a single purpose: to increase efficiency.

We are privileged that we know how to solve complex challenges in a simple way. The smart water management solution at Municipality of Zrece is an example of our expertise. We haven’t reinvented the boiling water, instead we relied on what we do best – meaning – lean onto our experience.

Nomnio SWS arhitecture

Municipality of Zrece – a pilot project for our solution

Baseline situation at Municipality Zrece

Until recently, Municipality of Zrece was one of the many municipalities with inefficient and with unclear monitoring results over water-supply infrastructure. Room for improvement was in:

  • inaccurate measurement of basic parameters,
  • lack of activity and troubleshooting data,
  • manual, on-premises only, water quality monitoring,
  • high error rate due to human factor,
  • high labor cost,
  • Long response time in case of contamination
  • lack of advanced alarming features which would prevent water hazard situation like contamination.

Nomnio Smart Water System proposal

User friendly and technological advanced solution

The Nomnio Smart Water System was implemented by installing and integrating new IoT sensors and actuators into the existing water supply system network and developing a cloud based real-time remote monitoring dashboard. System was delivered gradually, without a large upfront investment; in a way it was adjusted to the municipality budgets.

IoT technology has made it possible to easily and effectively monitor and manage water-supply network in Municipality of Zrece, as Nomnio Smart Water System enables:

  • real-time 24/7 control over the water supply system as well as the facilities
  • Remote management of the network and its users via a web and mobile application.
  • Data gathering, storage and analysis of key water quality parameters.
  • Automated detection of system’s anomalies immediate notification of key persons,
  • Scalable and modular upgrades adjusted to the available budget.
  • Integration options into smart systems and applications somewhere in the future.
  • Predictable system behavior and intelligent tracking of contaminated water.

What we can do for your water-supply business

All what already operate in Municipality of Zrece water-supply network and more

Nomnio Smart Water System solution is built for the future, but you can use it already today.

  • Turnkey solution.
  • All necessary hardware and software included.
  • Fast implementation – Plug-and-play design.
  • Minimal operating cost.

In the near future Nomnio will focus on new features, like:

  • predictive analysis of water systems behavior in different weather conditions and
  • automatic protection of unaffected parts of the network in the event of contamination.

We will take care that existing Smart Water System become even smarter.

Let’s dive into more technical waters

Security, robustness and reliability of operation

  • Solution is installed on Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Sensors and actuators are connected via mobile network (4G/3G/2G).
  • Use of UX/UI design trends.

Implemented sensors allow control of the following:

  • water (water level, turbidity (NTU, m/GL), temperature, flow and pH level)* and
  • facility (chlorine level in the container, open/closed door status, mains status)

*basic features could be upgraded with features like dissolved oxygen (DO), oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), conductivity, salinity, soil temperature, suspended solids, sludge blanket, air humidity and pressure, ions (F-, BF4-, NO3-, Br-, Cl, Cu2+, I-, Ag+), luxe...

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