"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

– Henry Ford

NOMNIO is transforming the world through digitalization of devices and related services.

We want to connect all possible objects to interact each other in the way to provide progress, security, and comfort in human lives and societies. In other words, we add digital intelligence to devices, merging the physical and digital universes, to make the world aroundus smarter and more responsive.

NOMNIO will become the most trusted partner for the development of connected products, services, and solutions that realize the full potential of their products and contribute to the growing economy and the carefree life of every individual.


Our team is the driving force behind our vision and mission.

It is homogenous and highly professional, covering full-stack development - including embedded and mobile solutions – by using its outstanding knowledge of three key factors: user experience (throughout the development process), safety and security (that is constantly under attack), and Software and Hardware development technology. Excellently led by visionary company founders, who still share their initiate passion for making solutions that really matter, everybody is highly motivated to achieve outstanding results.

People at NOMNIO are working in the encouraging environment where they can thrive, communicating openly to build trust, treating each other with respect, welcoming diversity that is fostering fresh insights and perspectives into the challenges brought to us.


NOMNIO is modern workplace by set of technological, physical, and psychological conditions aimed to achieve employee satisfaction while optimizing for productivity and efficiency. Regardless of employee working status (full or part-time, remote, or on-site, hybrid) we build our relationship and results on positive thinking, clear collaboration objectives, flexibility, and constant inter-team communications as a priority.

Maribor is an amazing place to work when you want to be a part of welcoming warm community. A small town near border with Austria, but second biggest in the country, provides enormous opportunities for body, mind, and soul. It’s also the economic, administrative, educational, and cultural centre of eastern Slovenia Region.

Living in Maribor is easy, cosy, green, pleasant, and inexpensive relatively affordable. Working in Maribor offers combination of international aspect, trustworthy relationships, cooperation with some of the top educational institutions, space to be creative. Discover yourself what Maribor has to offer in fields of business, nature, sports, food, culture, education and much more.

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We are an ambitious team of experts that face diverse technological and domain challenges on the daily basis.If you don't fit into any of the profiles above, you are wellcome to write us at and we will gladly discuss how you think you fit into our story.


Collaborations and research projects are integrated in our daily routine, giving us insight into the world of innovative technologies as well as providing extensive knowledge about consumer needs, market trends and future practices as an important part of a business' decision-making process, especially when it comes to major technological changes or introducing new product lines.